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The State Ethics Commission is an independent state agency that promotes the integrity of state government through the interpretation, enforcement, and improvement of New Mexico’s campaign finance, lobbying, procurement, and governmental conduct laws. 

Proceedings Portal

 Parties can use the portal to file, and respond to complaints, along with accessing public cases.                               

File a Complaint

To learn about the complaint processes, please refer to the informational guides below.


Advisory Opinions

The Commission issues advisory opinions, interpreting the law. To find formal advisory opinions, please click the link below. To submit a request for an advisory opinion, please email ethics.commission@state.nm.us.


Email Updates

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Commission Updates:

ABQ Journal: Ethics Commission wants NM disclosure law enforced

SANTA FE – More than 20% of the individuals required to file annual disclosures about their income sources and property – a group that includes public officials and...

Ethics agency calls for firmer disclosure laws

Ethics agency calls for firmer disclosure laws   SANTA FE – The State Ethics Commission is proposing changes to state law that would require New Mexico’s citizen...

ABQ Journal Editorial: Latest legislative scandal shows the need to widen reach of NM Ethics Commission

BY ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL EDITORIAL BOARDSUNDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2021 AT 12:02AM   Following years of contentious debate in Santa Fe, New Mexico voters in 2018 approved...

NM ethics agency seeks expanded staff, jurisdiction

Copyright © 2021 Albuquerque Journal SANTA FE – The State Ethics Commission will ask lawmakers next year to sharply increase its staff to ensure the agency can carry...

Newly Created New Mexico Ethics Commission Goes After Groups for Independent Expenditure and Donor Reporting

By Wiley Rein Despite the pandemic and being in its first year of existence, the New Mexico State Ethics Commission wasted no time in 2020. The agency recently took...

Nonprofit groups put new independent expenditure law to the test

After a decade-long effort, New Mexico lawmakers passed new campaign reporting requirements in 2019 to force nonprofit groups, which can spend money on political...

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