Advisory Opinions

State Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions

What is an Advisory Opinion?

The State Ethics Commission may issue advisory opinions upon appropriate requests.  Advisory opinions are statements of a legal interpretation on a matter submitted by a request.  Advisory opinions are not the result of the termination of a litigated case.  Rather, they are written in response to a request that poses a legal question and a corresponding set of factual assumptions.  Generally, advisory opinions are non-binding statements of the  law.  Under the State Ethics Commission Act, however, an advisory opinion issued by the Commission are binding on the Commission in any subsequent administrative hearing concerning a person who acted in good faith and in reasonable reliance on that advisory opinion.

Who Can Request Advisory Opinions?

Under the State Ethics Commission Act, the State Ethics Commission may issue advisory opinions requested in writing by “a public official, public employee, candidate, person subject to the Campaign Reporting Act, government contractor, lobbyist, or lobbyist’s employer.” Under the Act, “public official” and “public employee” includes state officials and state employees, but does not include officials and employees of local public bodies.

How Can a Request for an Advisory Opinion Be Submitted?

Requests must be submitted by post or in writing to the Commission’s email address at ethics.commission@state.nm.usRequests must identify a specific set of factual circumstances and involve a question about the applicability of one of the provisions of law over which the Commission has jurisdiction. 

If you have questions about this process or need assistance with filing a request for an advisory opinion, please contact a staff member of the SEC

What Happens After an Advisory Opinion is Requested?

Advisory Opinion Requests are typically addressed within 60 days of being received unless circumstances delay Commission staff, in which case, the applicant will be notified every 30 days until the request is addressed.

Are Advisory Requests Public?

Requests for Advisory Opinions are confidential and are not subject to the provisions of the Inspection of Public Records Act. Advisory Opinions themselves are made public, but with the requester’s name and identifying information redacted.